‘’Syrmatoplegmata’’ || Silver Earrings 925ο


Through the KAMIA MONI collection of handmade products, FORME supports the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (S.E.G.E.) in being at the side of every woman in need.
Be part of our effort so that we can help even more, the women who need us.

You can help easily and in many ways!

For more information please visit www.kamiamoni.gr

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This work is dedicated to individuals who are trapped in a victimized self-image, experiencing negative thoughts, guilt, shame, passivity and helplessness. Whether this happens due to manipulation, blackmail, abuse, or adversity has arisen in their life that lead them to be victims.

Material: Silver 925ο and 1000ο filigree

Color: burgundy resinous enamel

Earring length: 4,8 cm

Circle diameter: 2 cm

Weight (pair) : 3,55 gr