Our Identity

FOR ME Network supports women’s creation, expression, dynamism and innovation. All these are the points of the uniqueness of each female creator, which emphasize her personality and passion for development and progress.

Through a unique grid of personalities, the group is created. Every woman in FOR ME is acceptable and special. So our products are also special. Our handmade creations express the character, taste, opinions of each creator and that’s why everyone can find products that approach their own philosophy. With their modern aesthetics, high quality and cultural value, our handicrafts create a unique relationship with you.

Through this ritual, our goal is to travel our identity around the world and create a window of opportunity for all women.

Besides, the NETWORK of FOR ME was initially created by beneficiaries of Actions of Education and Empowerment of the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (S.E.G.E.). A beautiful, heterogeneous company that acquired image and substance, in order to highlight each one’s own beauty, art and aesthetics. It is part of your world that unites with our vision.

FOR ME’s benchmark is the involvement of women who experience challenges in their lives and are supported educationally and professionally through the Network.

Our Purpose

FOR ME Network offers a dynamic electronic platform of communication and interaction between craftsmen and buyers and provides a space for them to do business, expressing their personality, creativity and passion for the selectively quality final result.

Our business plan is to evolve the Network into a showcase of crafts of wider scope in the world, with common quality characteristics.
It is important to point out that, each of your options, stimulates the purchasing power of each handicraft, strengthens her, educates her, gives her an outlet in innovative markets and products.
At the same time, women who need our support, enter into an educational and productive process.
The purchase of a product from FOR ME, finances the outlet of even more women in their social and professional career.

Our Values

The deep desire of our team, influenced the choice of our standards, means and actions. Our values gave form and direction to our will to create the FOR ME Network.
Due to our open mind, we have decided to commit to an excellent business performance, to our interest in people who feel excluded from the markets, to our interest in equality, dignity and to environmental care.

We seek to do, not only the effective, but the right for all transactors with our Network.

Corporate Social Responsibility

FOR ME Network, being connected to society as a whole, recognizes its responsibility towards society and the environment.
Part of our Network consists of women who face challenges in their daily lives. We move on our creative path all together, with empowerment, education and professional outlets that we give to the women who need us.
As we want FOR ME to respond to the social challenges and sensitivities of today and tomorrow, the Network respects principles and values that characterize our culture, such as acting transparently, improving the quality of life of employees, making rational use of natural resources, innovating and combating unemployment.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics, are interrelated.

Circular Economy

Our Network integrates on a voluntary basis social and environmental concerns in its business activities and in its contacts with other interested parties.

It replaced the linear model “Take-Make-Consume-Drop” and applies the Circular Economy, a production and consumption model that includes: reuse, repair, renovation, recycling of materials and products in order to create a sustainable economy.

The results of the implementation of the CE are evident, such as the stimulation of innovation, economic growth, the creation of new jobs, increased competitiveness with similar ventures and reduced burden on the environment.