Privacy Policy

At ForMe we want you to know and have control over what data you share with us and what we do with it. This text (called the Privacy Policy) explains in simple words and clearly what data we collect and how we use it. Its purpose is to help you get informed and decide what data you want to share with us and in what way.

Processing Manager

KOIN.SE.P. “ForMe” [hereinafter “ForMe” or “we”] located at 14 Olympiou Diamanti Street, Thessaloniki, is in accordance with the law responsible for processing the personal data of visitors to the website in the context of the provision of promotion services , sorting and comparing product prices, as well as in the context of providing mediation services to the order [hereinafter “the ForMe Services”].

Personal Data We Collect

In the context of the provision of the ForMe Services, we may collect and further process the following personal data about you, depending on the functionalities you use:

Identification information, such as first and last name, registered user username, password and date of registration, if you log in with your ForMe account.
Identification data, such as username/user registration number, profile photo, date of birth, e-mail, gender, if you connect with a third-party provider account (eg Facebook, Google+, Apple).
Contact details such as email address, postal address, telephone number.
Additional information when you use the Basket, such as basket products, order number and date, delivery status, order amount and shipping costs, information regarding any cancellation, change or return of an order, IBAN and name of beneficiary bank account (including any relevant proof), name and surname holder, expiry date and pseudonymised bank card number (in the format 123456ХХХХ7899).
We do not have access to your full bank card details as we apply the strong PCI (Payment Card Industry) security and encryption standards. At ForMe, you can make your payments carefree!
Information we receive when you tell us what you think about the ForMe Services, such as comments, product and store ratings (including any photos and order number you send us), satisfaction surveys, questions and answers to them, and your comments or suggestions to we are getting better.
Free text data and any reference of a represented company, which we receive in the context of your submitting a question to a B2B store, through the special ForMe contact form.
Information we collect through tools such as cookies and using local storage, such as your ForMe searches with any filters or other sorting/comparison options, the products you view, details of purchases you make with the Cart, your interaction with the ForMe Services and the functionalities of our website (such as your marking products as “Saved”, “Favorite”, “I have it”), your transition to a website of a partner store, the purchases you make on the websites of certain partner stores, technical errors and security issues of navigation and transactions, your IP address, the type and manufacturer of your device, the type of browser, the type and version of the operating system or application you are using, your origin in ForMe from another website, as well as other statistical information in general about our users.
Voice recording, in limited cases, when you call our customer service center.


Why we collect them

Your above personal data will be processed by us exclusively to serve the following purposes and according to the following legal bases:


ForMe processes your data to be able to offer you the ForMe Services you choose to use, such as new member registration and account management, managing your “Save”, “Favorite”, “I have” options, submitting and management of questions, reviews and comments through our website, including the use of special electronic contact forms, the service of your order, including the management of changes/returns, the update on the progress of your order via Facebook Messenger if you expressly choose it, the calculating the pricing of partner stores depending on the transitions to their websites or the purchases you choose to make, as well as the provision of telephone or electronic service and support to our users.

This includes the contractually necessary recording of calls to the telephone service center of our users, when you submit a request related to your order and which we may need to be able to prove.

Legal interest

It is ForMe’s legitimate interest to carry out checks to prevent transactional fraud or malicious use of the ForMe Services, as well as for the smooth operation and security of its systems, to send satisfaction surveys and other general or personalized promotional communication to its users, to verify the authenticity of registered users (e.g. to submit truthful comments and ratings), analyze consumer trends and profile its users for internal research and development purposes, and make suggestions for submitting a response to another user’s query or review products/affiliated stores, to specific users.

Legal obligation

ForMe is obliged by law to cooperate with the competent authorities to combat specific incidents concerning in particular purchases made through our website/app and which are considered suspicious for fraud, unauthorized use or theft of a bank card, etc. We are also obliged by law to manage and respond to your requests regarding the protection of your personal data.


Public Data

By using the functions of submitting ratings, answering other users’ questions, etc., each user acknowledges that the information he provides, which may reveal his personal preferences, habits or even sensitive personal health data, is expressly made public by him for this purpose. Therefore, ForMe, relying on this voluntary act of disclosure on the part of the users, processes the data in question for the above purposes.


As long as you consent to the use of technologies such as cookies and local storage on your device, information is automatically collected about you to provide you with a top-notch personalized ForME experience, to help you find what you are looking for more easily, to analysis of our traffic, as well as for commercial use by our partners.

Web page
More information on how we use tools such as cookies on our website can be found in ForMe’s Cookies Policy. You can at any time change your choice of cookies and withdraw your consent, at the bottom of the ForMe Cookies Policy.

Also, when simply searching for products, you can allow your browser to automatically notify us of your exact location (stamp). We will rely on your consent in order to show you better search results. You can only remove this site and withdraw your consent directly from your browser’s site privacy settings.

Who We Share Them With

Your personal data is collected and further processed by ForMe’s authorized teams, with full respect for your privacy. In the context of the provision of ForMe Services, recipients of your personal data may be the following categories of our partners:

Our website analytics and performance measurement service providers such as Google, data storage service providers such as SoftOne, Microsoft and Amazon, telephony solution providers such as Avaya and Sangoma Technologies, social network providers such as Facebook, as well as providers online maps such as MapBox. Your data may be transferred outside the European Union and in particular to the USA by these companies, even though the relative storage of the data takes place mainly in the EU.


Payment service providers such as Everypay.

Data network service providers to connect our infrastructure to the internet.

Collaborating stores, in the context of processing your order, settling any dispute or query.

Collaborating courier companies, in the context of the delivery of your order.

Communication technology partners, such as Survey Monkey, SendGrid, Nexmo, Bulksms, Twilio, Gleam, Zendesk, Intercom, in the context of managing our inbound and outbound communications with you. Your data may be transferred outside the European Union and in particular to the USA and/or Australia by these companies, even though the relative storage of the data takes place mainly in the EU.

Affiliated customer service provider, Webhelp.

Other categories of partners to whom the transmission of data may be required on a case-by-case basis in the context of the operation of the ForMe Services.

The police authorities and any other administrative, judicial or public authority or in general legal or natural person to whom it may, based on law or court decision, derive a relevant obligation or right of ForMe to communicate such data.

In addition, in the context of the operation of ForMe Analytics, but also of the Mixed CPC/CPS Billing Model (see examples above), we share as Joint Controllers with each partner that uses these functionalities, information in the form of either statistics or aggregated data about popularity of products, stores and categories, or user shopping data, respectively. In this context, we conclude special contractual clauses for the protection of personal data, in order to ensure that the necessary security measures for your data are observed. For any issue related to the use of these technologies, please contact us as the appropriate communication channel.

Also, in the context of the best possible management of incoming requests and questions related to the progress of your order through the ForMe Cart, as well as the management of related returns, losses or compensations, but also for the general accounting management of cooperation. For any issue regarding the processing of your personal data in the context of this management, please contact us as the competent communication channel.

You should remember that the comments you post or the evaluations you make on ForMe are publicly visible both on the ForMe website and on the websites of certain partner stores and therefore any other visitor to these websites can read them.


How Long Do We Keep Them?

ForMe keeps the personal data of its registered users for as long as they keep their account. The personal data of unregistered users resulting from their interaction with the ForMe Services is retained for a maximum period of two (2) years after their last visit to the ForMe website.

The details of the recorded calls documenting any transaction or modification thereof, will be kept for a maximum period of six (6) months.

Otherwise, after the end of the retention period or if a user requests the deletion of their account or information and there is no pending litigation or other dispute or legal interest arising from the use of the ForMe Services, their data will be deleted as soon as possible or they will be anonymized.

Our Commitments

At ForMe we take your privacy seriously. We take appropriate technical and organizational measures every day, in accordance with the latest technological standards and applicable legislation, in order to ensure that the processing of your personal data, either by us or by third parties on our behalf, is lawful, appropriate and has the appropriate level of security to prevent any unauthorized or accidental access, editing, deletion, alteration or other use thereof.

For example, in order to ensure the privacy of your information as best as possible, we use strong encryption on all our pages.

Your Rights

You can check, correct and/or delete your data at any time through your profile settings if you are a registered user. For example, you can request deletion of your account, use your account settings to exclude your data from certain forms of processing, opt out of receiving informative e-mails, disable certain types of notifications, etc.

More generally, according to the legislation on the protection of personal data, you have and can exercise the following rights, after verifying your identity:

  • the right of access, i.e. the right to be informed on the one hand whether your personal data is being processed by ForMe and on the other hand to receive further information about the processing being carried out,
  • the right to request the correction of any inaccurate personal data of yours or their completion (e.g. correction of postal address), as well as if the conditions of the legislation are met:
  • the right to erasure,
  • the right to portability, i.e. the right to receive and transmit to another controller your personal data, which you have provided to ForMe, in an appropriate format,
  • the right to restrict processing,
  • the right to withdraw at any time the consent you have given us, without this withdrawal affecting the legality of the processing of personal data carried out before this withdrawal.

Specifically, regarding the use of technologies such as cookies, you can at any time change your choice and withdraw your consent by changing your options at the bottom of ForME’s Cookies Policy.

In addition, regarding your exact location through a browser, you can remove this location and withdraw your consent directly from your browser’s location privacy settings.

In addition, regarding the authorization of access to the exact location of your device, you can disable this authorization and withdraw your consent, directly from the privacy settings of your device.

In case of exercise of the rights of correction, deletion and restriction of your data, these requests will also be forwarded to the third party recipients to whom this data may have been disclosed by us, in the context of the provision of the ForMe Services.

The exercise of your above rights is done by submitting your relevant written request to ForMe, to which we undertake to respond within a period of one (1) month from its receipt. This deadline can be extended for two (2) additional months due to the complexity of the request and/or the large volume of requests.

Right of Termination

In case you consider that we have not satisfied your request sufficiently and the protection of your personal data is affected in any way, you can submit a complaint through a special online portal to the Personal Data Protection Authority (Athens, Kifisias Avenue 1-3, P.O. 115 23 | tel: +30 210 6475600). Detailed instructions for submitting a complaint are provided on the Authority’s website.