Terms of Use

The online ordering service is put into operation by “KON.S.EP. FormMe”.

General terms

These terms and conditions constitute the terms and conditions under which the Company’s services are provided to Users. The transaction with the Company presupposes full acceptance of these terms. In case of violation of any of these terms, the Company reserves the right to exclude users from the service.


The following definitions apply to this Agreement:

“Company” is KOIN.SE.P. “ForMe”.

“Website” or “ForMe” is the website “www.formestore.gr” maintained by the Company and includes the “Content”.

“Service” is the service provided by the Company to the Users for the completion of the online order.

“Content” is all text, graphics, design and programming used on the above website.

“Partner” is the third-party store (natural or legal person) that cooperates with the Company, which is hosted on the Website and is called upon to invoice the products to the end user (further services are excluded, such as packaging and shipping costs).

“User” is any person who uses the Company’s services

“Account” is the registration of the visitor as a User on the Website.

“Product” is the item available for sale through the Affiliates on the Website.

“Shopping Cart” is the electronic order that includes the products selected by the User.

Use and Rules of Use of “ForMe”

Access to the Website and, by extension, participation in any service (such as creating an account or purchasing products), is permitted exclusively to persons who have completed the eighteenth year (18) of their age and have full legal capacity.

Users must necessarily be the legal owner of the credit, debit, prepaid or other card with which they carry out their transactions and with which they take part in any services.

The management and protection of the personal data of the Website User is subject to the present conditions as well as the relevant provisions of Greek and European legislation. In any case, the Company reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data, within the framework of the current legislation. The Website preserves the personal nature of the information of its visitors, users and members, and does not transfer any information entered by the user other than what is absolutely necessary to complete the user’s order. If the User does not agree with the terms of personal data protection, he must stop browsing and not use the services of the Website. The user, visitor or member of the Website may contact the relevant department in order to request information on the possible maintenance of the personal file, the correction of its data, any desired changes or its complete deletion, except for the data that must be kept by the legislation. Any minor visitors/Users are not required to submit their personal information. In case of submission of such data by minors, any recorded data will be deleted as soon as the User’s age is notified in writing. The Website may process part or all of the information registered by users for statistical, economic and improvement of its services.

Registration and Account Creation

Account creation is necessary in order for the User to use the ability to purchase products. In this way, the User also has the possibility to save personal information and shipping addresses as well as to use the Shopping Cart.

The website provides its Users with membership services, upon acceptance of these terms of use and completion of the registration process. Users remain solely responsible for all operations carried out under their personal password, username and generally their account (user account). Users agree to immediately notify the Website of any unauthorized use of their account and any actual and/or potential breach of security. Also, Users are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their formal exit from their account at the end of each use (Logout). The Company is not responsible for any harm or damage resulting from the omission or inability of the Users to comply with the aforementioned.

Items for Sale – Prices

The products available for sale through the Website are not products of the Company but products of the Partners contracted with the Company, who wish to display the products through the Website, and therefore the Company bears no responsibility for them. The Company reserves the right to exclude from any promotional actions the orders for which the issuance of an invoice is requested. The Company ensures that the sale of the products to the general consumer public does not contradict good morals and does not offend the public image.
The prices listed in the relevant catalogs next to each product include VAT.

The submission of a product order constitutes a binding offer to purchase the product in question at the total price indicated when the order is submitted, including VAT, packaging and shipping costs, other applicable charges and any discounts to which the User is entitled. The sales contract is considered to have been concluded after the Company has carried out a price and availability check of the products and the User receives a message to the e-mail address (email) indicated during registration, with which the Company will accept the User’s purchase proposal.
In order for a User to place a product order through the Website, they must enter their access information on their Account login page or create a new Account if they are a new User. Then, he should select the products he wants and add them to his Shopping Cart. On the screen, the total cost of the order will be displayed based on the selected conditions to complete the purchase.
Before completing the order of any product, the User must make sure that the products he has placed in the Shopping Cart are the ones he wishes to buy and in the quantity he wishes to purchase.
The order is completed with its acceptance by the Website through the sending of a written confirmation (confirmation email) to the User to the email address (email) that the User has indicated during registration.

Means of payment
The payment of each order is carried out with absolute security either by using a credit, debit or prepaid card of Greek banking institutions or by cash on delivery (payment in cash upon delivery of the order), when this option is available.
In the case of payment of the order using a credit, debit or prepaid card, the Company ensures the security of the User’s transactions and secures all the necessary certifications and technical means for this purpose. The Website does not retain or store any User’s credit or debit card details. The details are only stored at the request of the User in a secure system of the cooperating banking institutions. During storage, a unique user certification number (token) is issued with which, in the next order of the user exclusively from the Website, the card can be charged automatically without the repeated registration of its details (number, cvv etc.).

Method – Time – Cost of Shipping
After the submission and processing of the order, the product is sent to the User through a courier company with which the Company cooperates in order to optimally handle the shipping process. The selected product will be in the place indicated by the User when submitting the order and within the time period notified to him. The relevant sales tax document for each order will either be included in the package or sent electronically to the User.
Each product offered for sale through the Website is marked with its availability either as “Immediately available” or as “Available in 1-3 days” or as “Available in 4-10 days”. The marking is indicative and is renewed based on the availability of each product at the Partner selling the specific product. In any case, it is agreed that the shipping time of the product depends both on the availability of the ordered product in the warehouses of the cooperating store and on the possible existence of reasons of force majeure (indicatively, the existence of bad weather conditions, strikes, problems faced by those cooperating with the Courier companies, etc.) for which the Company bears no responsibility.
Order Cancellation – Product Return
The Website and the User reserve the right to cancel all or part of an order that has already been placed and has not yet been delivered. The User reserves the right to cancel his order through the membership page or through written communication with the Website. The Website reserves the right to cancel all or part of an order if there are problems or malfunctions that make it impossible to deliver the products. If the Website cannot complete an order in its entirety, it informs in writing or notify the User of the inability that has arisen and at the same time return to him the price for this order, as long as it has been paid in advance.
In case the order process has been completed but the User wants to return or change the product, he must see the Terms in the corresponding fields.

10. Limitation of Liability
The Company does not control and does not guarantee the quality, safety and legality of the products available for sale on the Website, nor the destination of their use or any real or legal defects, nor the legal capacity or legality of the Users to purchase.
In the event of any dispute arising, the Users shall indemnify and release the Company from any and all liability, burden, damage, claim, expense, expense, including legal and/or costs arising and/or connected and/or directly or indirectly related with the products.
In addition, each User excludes, indemnifies and releases the Company from any claim and/or claim for compensation for damage which may be asserted, for any reason, by third parties and which may result from a violation of even one of the conditions and/or the conditions contained herein, the obligations imposed by the Law or their rights, as well as any demand or claim arising from the use of the products.

11. Final Provisions
The Company reserves the right to modify or renew these terms of use without notice, which will be effective from the date they are posted on the Website. Users must check each time for possible modifications to the terms of use and if they continue to use the services or services available, it is presumed that they accept the modified terms and grant their consent, consent, agreement and approval. Otherwise, they must refrain from using the Website’s services.
Apart from the products and services that are the intellectual and industrial property of third parties and therefore bear the relevant responsibility, the rest of the content of the Website is the intellectual property of the Company.
Failure to exercise any right of the Company may not be interpreted as a waiver thereof.
Navigation, use and transactions on the Website are governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising during navigation, use and transaction with the Company shall be submitted for adjudication to the competent courts of Athens.
Any provision of the above terms that is found to be contrary to the law or invalidated shall automatically cease to be valid, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

1. Preamble

The terms of use of the services provided through the search engine and the website located at www.formestore.gr (hereinafter “Website”) by “KOIN.S.EP.FOR.MI” ( hereinafter “Company”) with VAT number 996882411 and no. A.G.E.M.K.O. 000198903091.

Legal use of the services provided means your unreserved acceptance of the terms herein and your compliance when using these services with the current Greek legislation that governs the transactions in question. The acceptance of the terms herein does not in any case constitute the conclusion of any form or employment relationship, cooperation or partnership with the Company.

The Company hereby does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted and secure access to the services of the Website as its operation is likely to be affected by external factors that cannot be controlled.

The operation of the online shopping service (basket) is governed by additional terms, which have been published here and which form an integral part hereof.

2. Privacy

Our Privacy Policy describes how the Company manages the data of users of its services. As described in the Privacy Policy, the collection and further processing of this data is necessary, both in the context of the use of the services provided by the Company, and for other legitimate purposes analyzed in our Privacy Policy.

The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor, the user and the members of the Website is governed by the present conditions, the Privacy Policy, as well as the relevant provisions of Greek and European legislation. In any case, the Company reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data, within the framework of the current legislation.

The Website, as well as some partner stores, also use small text files (cookies) whose function and purposes are described in detail in our Cookies Policy.

The Website does not in any case delete the personal data of members even if it is members who have been prohibited from using its services. Definitive deletion from the database of the Website can only be done in cases where the member himself wishes and under the condition of observing the principle of security of transactions, to ensure the reliability of the system. Members who wish to be informed about their personal data maintained by the Website, for their definitive deletion from the Website’s database, or to exercise any of their rights provided by law, in accordance with the Privacy Policy , should submit a relevant request by sending an email to sales@formestore.gr via the email with which they registered on the Website, in which they should include their full name and phone number, which should agree with the information registered in the Website database, for identification purposes.

3. Access to the Website and member registration

A condition for the participation of users and registered members of the Website and the use of the Company’s services is the acceptance of these terms of use, which have been defined in accordance with the applicable Greek legislation. In case of violation of any of these terms, the Company reserves the right to block users or delete members of the Website at any time.

Information that users provide to the Company or other members or during member registration is defined as “personal information and information”. Personal details and information must meet the following conditions:

They must not be false, inaccurate or misleading.
They must not directly or indirectly lead to the deception of third parties or aim at the sale of items, the disposal of which is contrary to the current legislation.
They must not conflict with the provisions of current Greek and European legislation, including the provisions concerning issues of exports, consumer protection, unfair competition, discrimination or misleading advertising, protection of intellectual or industrial property, trade secrets or personality rights.
They must not contain viruses, trojans, worms, time bombs or cancel bots or any other program code that can intentionally cause damage or cause data loss to both member/guest computers and the system in general, and must not lead to loss of resources or services or functions of the Website or the Company in part or in whole related to our connection providers or other partners;
They must not refer directly or indirectly to products or services expressly prohibited herein.
In order to properly use the information provided by users to the Company and to avoid possible violations related to their content, we check and further process this information. The Company is committed to the processing of this information in accordance with these terms of use.

Access and use of the Website services must be in accordance with these Terms of Use. It is not permitted to use any method of monitoring the Website or copying part or all of its operating mechanism or its content without the prior written permission of the Company. In particular, the use of any program or other method of intervention in the operation mechanism of the Website or in any entry contained therein is prohibited. Any action that burdens or abuses the Website’s search engine and its technological infrastructure is also prohibited. It is noted that a large part of the content of the Website belongs to the members or partners of the Company and is used with permission. Therefore, it is prohibited to copy, modify, paraphrase or republish the contents of the website without the prior written permission of the Company.

The Company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently prohibit the use of its services to any user of the Website who, at the sole discretion of the Company, does not comply with these Terms of Use or applicable legislation. The Company may exercise this right in cases of abusive or insulting expressions of the user towards Company employees, provision of incorrect registration information or unauthorized use of means of payment. If a member is suspended or banned from using the services of the Website, it is not allowed to re-register or use the services of the Website without the prior written consent of the Company.

4. Service mode

The information relayed by the Website to its users about the products displayed on it per thematic category, has a purely informative nature and purpose, and is constantly renewed and modified with a maximum renewal frequency of 2 hours (at the choice of the store tos) or 24 hours in any other case. The Company is under no circumstances responsible for compensation or reparation of any direct or indirect loss and positive or collateral damage, even future, which may have been caused due to this information.

The Website provides direct access to other websites and/or e-mail addresses, the content of which it cannot intervene and therefore, of course, bears no responsibility whatsoever, nor does it provide any guarantee whatsoever for their content. Furthermore, the Website is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information transmitted above as this is information found on other websites and which is collected either by the manufacturers of these products, or as information transmitted by the online stores that provide them for sale.

The Company recommends to the users of the Website, to consult the corresponding page of the products of the online stores as well as that of the manufacturers in order to verify the accuracy of the received information of the result and to be informed more extensively about the characteristics of the product of their choice.

The display of search results (product – price – shop) depends on the correct use of keywords as well as the description of the product from the online shops and the Website. In searches carried out with search filters and not with keywords, users should compare the characteristics of the displayed products with those listed in online stores and product manufacturer pages.

It is pointed out that many products available either from foreign stores or from domestic stores that sell products from abroad, are very likely to differ in characteristics from the counterparts intended for the Greek market, while in some cases they may not be accompanied by instructions for use in Greek as well as from Greek software.

It is clarified that the services provided by the Company to the users involve a significant technological, organizational and other business cost for the Company. However, the Company has chosen for this cost not to be borne by the users, but by the stores, according to specific, as fair as possible, monetary commission calculations, based on the visits or purchases made by the users on the websites of the stores, following their referral to those from the Website. The correct and accurate calculation of the above commission is a necessary financial element of the use of the Company’s services by the users, in the context of the contractual relationship created between the Company and the users from the use of these services, in accordance with the present terms and conditions. For this purpose, it is necessary, in order to serve this transactional relationship and in accordance with what is defined in the contract between us, for the Company to collect purchase data from users’ navigation on the Website and in partner stores, including through technological solutions such as cookies .

5. Final Provisions

The copyright of the Website belongs to the Company. It is prohibited to republish, reproduce, in whole, in part or in summary or paraphrase or adapt the content of the Website in any electronic, mechanical, or photocopy way, without prior written permission.

In no case shall the Company, its legal representatives or its employees be liable for any damage, positive or negative, that its members may suffer as a result of the use of its services, due directly or indirectly to the actions or omissions of third party members .

In the event that any dispute arises between the members of the Website, regarding the use of the services in violation of the terms herein, it is agreed that the Company, its staff and partners bear no responsibility and that the injured user bears the burden as required against the third party the restoration of any possible damage.

The services provided through the Website, including simply searching for or creating a member account, are not directed to persons under the age of 18. If you are under 18 years of age, you should not use the Site or provide us with any personal data without the necessary authorization from a parent or guardian. The Company does not, to its knowledge, collect or further process data on persons under the age of 18. If you are a parent or guardian and you believe that your child has provided personal data to the Company, please contact us at sales@formestore.gr.

In any case, for any dispute arising between the Company and the visitors or the members of the Website, the Courts of the city of Athens are competent and Greek Law is applicable.